Technical Advisory Board

Meet the members of our Technichal Advisory Board

Tanja Kallio

Professor Tanja Kallio

Professor in Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering

Energy Conversion and Storage Li-ion battery chemistry and performance

Dr. Markku Tilli

Senior Vice President Okmetic Oyj

Electronics and semiconductor industry

Andrei Rode

Professor Andrei Rode

Professor in Australian National University Laser Physics Centre

Pulsed laser deposition process technology

Jouko Ylikauppila

Dr. Jouko Yli-Kauppila

Former CTO of Valmet Oyj

Technology and intellectual property management

Adjunct Professor Jyrki Lappalainen

Adjunct Professor Jyrki Lappalainen

Adjunct Professor of physics in University of Oulu

Pulsed laser deposition process Nanotechnology manufacturing

Professor Erkki Levänen

Professor Erkki Levänen

Professor of ceramic materials in Tampere University of Technology Laboratory of Materials Science

Materials manufacturing & processing

Professor Ilari Maasilta

Professor Ilari Maasilta

Professor in University of Jyväskylä Department of Physics

Thermal properties of nanostructures, novel nanofabrication and imaging techniques